Do you consider it early & inappropriate to go camping with a guy recently met/dating?

It's a guy I met like three times, and I met his friends too (same friends that will go camp) at a BBQ.

My parents think it's early.

and like i thought of sharing the tent with him at camp but it's not like anything is gonna happen e. g. sex


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  • The fact that your parents think its early, tells us you talked with your parents and asked for their insight. Parents are always right. Its not necessarily inappropriate, though I would definitely question your safety going camping with a bunch of people you have never met before. As for sleeping in the same tent, don't do it. You might not allow sex, but you wanting to sleep in the guys tent would definitely give him the vibe that you are down for sex.


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  • He could sacrifice you to Satan, or worse you could sacrifice him lol seriously, with a guy you just met that is a bad idea. No one can hear your cries.

    • is this suppose to be sarcastic

    • by "hearing your cries" he's not gonna do nothing harmful like rape. he's 27 im 24 he's a good guy

    • No, it happens. You've only met him three times. Anyone can seem like a good person in three meeting. It's a different world hun. Women are always fucking themselves over by doing things they shouldn't like camping with strangers. A simple, but great example is the Disney movie Frozen. And yes, in the woods no one can hear you cry especially if you get roofied. Any way, just putting it out there. You're going to do what you want regardless.

      You are 24 after all and he is a gooood guy. <- this is sarcasm.

  • Follow your instincts, & do what you think is right