Does it matter dating "local" or "long distance" to you?

I was reading another question about age difference and sparked my curiosity for this question.

How many people only date locally or is there are some circumstance you would date long distance?

I am pretty set in my ways I want to date "local" an for me I consider driving a hour or two each way as "long distance" and feel it limits the spontaneous visits down to only scheduled outings.
My exception to this rule I guess would be say I started taking with a girl in say China , Philippines , Japan or something like that then it would be a litigant distance form country to country to work around scheduling visits though it would still be very hard to make work but the difference in verity an culture would make it interesting enough to try. Yes that is probably unfair being willing to look at someone 3000 miles away instead of 300 miles away

  • I only date locally --- someone near engough to see spontaneously after work or school maybe for lunchbreak or what ever
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  • I date semi locally -- with in a few hours driving distance each way
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  • Long distance is no problem for me as long as we can talk it doesn't matter that we have limited time together
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  • Just show me the results I gave up on dating
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  • prefer dating local but am not against long distance dating if the girl seemed like a catch


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  • my boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for 3 months now. We will be meeting for the first time in 2 weeks as he has just moved and is now living closer to me. It's been hard not seeing each other, but we make do with skype. Recently we haven't been able to Skype much and we've been fighting a bit, as we're both finding it difficult. However I believe that long distance relationships can work if you're committed enough

    • personally I feel that is more friends with the intent to go into a relationship , I just can't comprehend never meeting someone in person before calling her a girlfriend or feeling committed but guess your right long distance could work on rare occasion that two people are commented enough

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  • I live in America and I travel a lot every year. I've met more women outside of America who were far more educated, naturally beautiful without cosmetics, the ability to have and use " logic and common sense" in their thinking process and actions, and more family oriented than I have in America. If you only want sex with attractive women, then America is a great place to be with women. If you want sex with attractive women who brings more to the table physically, emotionally and intellectually, then women outside of America is of a much greater choice.

    • only disagreement I see i your post is that while you travel you only see them a short amount of time y'all sleep together a few times but then you come home thus the long distance relationship normally dies out unless your stay there or she comes here which would then change to a local relationship

  • if its geniune both can be good

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