What does it mean if your friends with benefits has his Facebook set up to get all your notifications and close friends you?

Why would they do that? I don't understand. If they don't care about being more than a friend why would they stalk you?


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  • wait it notifies you when someone sets you as close friends or takes you off close friends? anyways he wants alerts of your status obviously, keeping tabs on you for whatever reasons & intentions that are unknown lol.

    • It doesn't tell you their your close friend but if they come on line the exact time you post something its a big indicator because it alerts their phone when you post. They can also see post you put on other people timeline.

    • ooh I see wow I took a bunch of people off my close friends lol. but im never on FB anyways so they shouldn't really be getting butt hurt over it.

  • Exactly that, they're stalking you. Watch out for this guy. I would suggest blocking him and avoiding contact with him in the future. He's obviously hiding or lying about something.


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