Guys, do you think a girlfriend who always texts you first and wants to talk about random things and funny stuff is an overly attached girlfriend?

I'd like to talk about everything with my boyfriend, i'd send him a lot of funny pics and joke around stupid videos everyday. I'd share everything with him, but sometimes I feel like he's busy ( with his films, sports and friends) and I'm acting like an overly attached gf. Although a couple should communicate a lot, i feel like he doesn't like to talk so much and maybe he's too immature to understand my opinion


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  • This isn't so much a male/female question. "People" like to feel "wanted." We like it when we feel "loved" or "cared for" or like someone is "thinking about us" or that "we are important" to someone. It's "scary" for the person doing it, but as the recipient, we "like" it. This is universal. Why? Because it "acknowledges" that the recipient has "power" over the giver of that attention or affection. At any moment, the recipient can say, "I don't feel the same way" or "I don't care" and "hurt" the giver. So, it takes a great deal of "trust" to do that for someone. The reason we "like" it and "feel good" is because all this behavior is really just a display of "trust." We like the secondary message - that this person "trusts" us. And "trust" is the basis upon any relationship is built. And if we "want" to have a relationship with this person, then we "like" it when they show us how much they "trust" that we wouldn't hurt them, because it makes both of us feel "closer" to one another.

    Unfortunately, when there's a mismatch between the time one person has, and the time the other person in the relationship has, these conflicts are typical. You have so much free time to think about things like this, whereas his mind is busy with other things. That doesn't mean, however, that guys don't like to see their partner being affectionate and showing that she cares and missed him and has feelings for him, etc. After all, if your guy "DOESN'T LIKE" that from you, then it's most likely because he doesn't really want a "relationship" with you, so your displays of "trust" in him do more to "annoy" him from whatever else he's doing rather than "make him feel good and reassured" that you care as much for him as he does for you and "make him feel closer to you as a couple."

    • Such a helpful advice, thank you for your time!

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  • Personally, I'd love a girl who shares everything with me, at least I know she is thinking of and likes talking to me, instead of letting me get paranoid, thinking she's talking to other guys

    • I asked him if he thinks I'm an overly attached gf and he said he likes me when i text him. He also said he would talk with me about everything, but he keeps doing other stuff and texting me once a day , so I guess he also needs some space for himself, am I right?

    • Hey, sorry for the lateish reply, but everyone needs their space, I'm sure you'd feel the same if it was him texting you, remember that you have your own hobbies and business to attend to, everyone needs time for that, just tell him you understand that he needs his space and wants to do his own things

  • for me I don't mind it I like it when my gf shares everything with me.. you gotta give him some space tho if he wanna watch the game or movie or whatever just leave him quiet that doesn't mean he loves you less or something it's just that he wants to do other stuff to on his own

    • I've thought about this , i will considerate your opinion!

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