I dont know what to do, should I try and move on now?


Alright well there's this guy i have had a crush on for a bit now and this time last year we got so close. People thought we would be cute together, we would always sit next to each other in class and just lock eyes and never look away for so long! He said i was the right girl for him & said he would want to go out with me some day!

So this year he just started playing all sorts of mind games, making me jealous, putting his arm around girls etc, but you know we still managed to speak again! So he would fight for me and all this, call me beautiful and always stare. So last week i saw a picture of him and this girl and he had his arm around her, he always comments on her pictures sometimes. He even blocked her enemy! And i'm nit sure if they are just friends, my friends said they are just hanging out, as i know a lot of boys and girls do this and have a boy best friend i was kinda okay with it!

So we returned back to school today after the six weeks and i walked past him at least 2 times, obviously he saw me, i mean my hair stands out so much aha! Plus it felt like he was looking and when i was walking downstairs it looked like he was looking still! If he ignored me i just know, i know he's doing it on purpose, i mean you dont just ignore someone for no reason! Plus he has done it before and kept looking for my reactions!

I dont know whether to move on or not... he is still in 2 of my classes and thats not a lot! I'm not sure whether i should move on from him or still love him! I saw him today and he looked so upset, i felt like he was not the same guy i met before!

He did flirt with other girls when flirting with me, but he admitted he didn't like them that way! I really dont know what to do! I need opinions!


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  • Sounds like he's a player and you need to move on.


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  • Let him be and just leave him alone my ex was a player, I always see him making eye contact with me but we don't say anything to each other whatsoever. If I were you I'd just let him be and don't bother him at all. He's probably just trying to make you jealous and push your buttons don't fall for it because it isn't worth it. Be you and do you, don't pay him any attention. MOVE ON with your life and don't pay him attention because you are just going to feel like you are stuck in a place where you don't belong. Why are you interested in what he's doing? We're you guys ever together or even a couple. It sounds like to me he has moved on and I think you should do the same and don't mind him attention. He's just doing those things to get in your head and make you jealous that's the only reason why, I've been there done that. My ex stares at me all the time but I just look away and he definitely isn't the same guy I met in middle school he has changed some people just change and there's nothing we can do about it. Try to make friends and interact with other people and don't let him get under your skin so easily trust me it isn't worth it honestly.

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