Should I send him this message?

Me and this guy had a great week 'hanging out' but before he left for the week I asked if it was going to continue.
The answer was kind of left in the air, he said he would decide this week. I kind of want to send this message (a few in jokes in it) and want to know if i should and if i should send it this week or when he gets back?

"Hey dude, I know I said for you to message me but I just wanted to say...
I had the best time with you & would like to continue that. I’m NOT wanting a relationship or anything, I just want fun & company. Whether it's just sex, hanging out, or whatever you want.
From my perspective we had a great week seeing each other & I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t continue? But if you have a reason then tell me & I will never mention it again.
I can promise that:
1) I won’t become a stalker like that other girl
2) When you want out, I will disappear
3) I’ll try & keep my room clean when you visit
4) You can kick me out of bed at any time
5) I’ll never disturb time with the boys or the gym
6) I’ll never fist pump you goodbye
7) I’ll respect your space
8) If I start falling for you I will run as fast as I possibly can"


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  • You allready know number 8 is going to happen dont you, if it isn't allready.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Hahaha yeah... no.

    If he did "hung out" with you like I thought he did and told you that he'd tell you this week. He's probably banging a chick as we speak

  • Uhm... No. You would 1.) either scare or creep him out or if not then 2.) you'll probably come out as someone desperate.


What Girls Said 1

  • No, don't bother, it just seems desperate, therefore he'll think that you will become stalkerish etc.

    Jokes don't often play out well over texts.