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So I've been with my boyfriend about a year. He's the most wonderful guy I could ask for.
We've been on and off long distance through out it all.. And he's starting to have a really rough time with it.
We have not too distant, set plans. But he can't seem to focus on that. He says he wants to be in this, but he's so depressed all of the time now a days :/ how can I help him?
I really really don't wanna break up. And he doesn't either.
We see each other a few days a month.. As he lives a few states away..
How cab I help him feel more positively in the meantime? Because its really starting to bring me down too, and I don't know what to do


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  • how did you meet him when u live states away? I once had a long distance relationship and th guy promised me a lot of things but never followed through. he kept acting sad and upset just to push me away so he wouldn't have to outright breakup with me. not saying he doesn't care about u bu tmaybe he's having second thoughts about the "plans " you guys made...

    • He lived where I lived. For about 4 months that we were together, then moved, . we've been together in person mostly

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  • I did the long distance relationship with my boyfriend when he decided he no longer wanted to live in New York and moved to Virginia I was unable to. I've due to the fact I have children and I can't up and leave. It was ok for a whole I went out a couple of times he came here a few times but then he started accusing me of cheating and it got to be to much I couldn't deal with the accusations. So we broke up for 9 months and he finally came back to NY we tried to work it out but he still accuses me so it's like enough already. So long distance doesn't work in my opinion but everyone is different