Something suddenly came up!?

I have been going on dates with this guy and they have gone well. I like him but we have different views on some things. Today he invited me to hang out but then later messages me He friend something suddenly came up and that he probably has to cancel. Is he blowing me off or am I overreacting? I kinda wish he would off told me the reason.

Thanks you all. he ended up texting me later to see if I still wanted to hang out.


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  • I wouldn't worry too much about him cancelling, if you have continuously gone on dates and he wanted to go on them with you, I'm pretty sure you can be certain he likes you. If you're still early in this relationship and something came up with his friend, don't get worried because he is probably closer with his friend than you as of now. I wouldn't worry too much and perhaps on your next date or over text slide in "so what was up with [insert friend here]?". I hope this helped

    • thank you!!! he ended up
      texting me later to see if I still wanted to hang out

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  • If this is the first time this has happened, you may be over reacting. The reason could be personal as to why he didn't feel comfortable sharing, then again I don't know the relationship dynamic. Give it a day or two, and then ask him about it, if he is willing to talk and explain what happened, to some extent, it was probably nothing.


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