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So I (Girl A) got invited to a party by a guy (Boy A) I liked a lot, and we would text non stop all the time. He's known to be a player though and has been with several girls. His best friend (Boy B) is a guy I've been talking to a lot longer and like. At Boy A's party he made out with me and now everyone knows, including one of my closest friends (Boy C) who I've liked and had a thing with for over a year but nothing has ever happened between the two of us. That same night Boy A told one of my friends (Girl B) that he likes her AFTER making out with me. Even more, Girl B likes Boy C, but I think he likes me. Help?


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  • HAHAHAHAHAHA what a situation go for, boy B... because boy A is a player and you can't get with boy C your girl friends crush. let boy A go after girl B and girl B go after Boy C and that way your out of all the drama


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  • Oh lord god almighty... I don't even know what to say... I kind of have a feeling this is a troll because it's just so ironic