If a guy made a strange remark, what would it tell you about him?

I am dating a guy who is very aloof - rarely answers my texts in a timely fashion, never gives me details about his life or what he is doing, and is very non committal. I said to him, half jokingly,"You are every woman's nightmare!". He grinned a big grin, chuckled, and said "Yeah... I know... heh heh". I thought this was a bit sadistic, as if he is proud of it! A little weird. What do you think?


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  • He clearly isn't concerned about putting too much out there, and he likes the control. He gets what he wants without having to do much. I imagine he gets plenty of female attention, so he doesn't bother to do much. He does what he wants when he wants to. If you are around when he has time, that's fine with him. I don't suspect he is too interested in being tied down to one woman. You will hear from him when he feels like it.
    Many women go for this type of attitude. It works for him, so he is fine with it. If you are cool with it, you will hear from him as it has been. If it isn't what you are looking for, its time to start looking again, because he isn't going to change.


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  • Not sadistic at all. He has no tolerance for silliness and is saying he has the right to control his personal world by making it exclusive only to those he finds his equals.

    • As I said above, I agree, but the way he said it was immature and egotistical. Almost sinister. Not a good sign even if he feels the way you described.

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    • Well it's not a way to impress a woman - say it to your buddies but not to her face. He's an idiot.

    • There is your errancy.. he doesn't need to do anything conditional to impress. he's already getting laid and might want cut back on new business. Either way you need to move on to guys who do impress you and you want to impress back.

  • Well 1. He could have been joking
    2. He is very selective
    3. Not an open book
    4. This is good cause when he is really into you it will blatantly obvious

    • But for now he still is feeling you out

    • I agree with that but it's almost like he gets off on it, watching women go crazy. There's a difference. If he was doing what you said, he would not have said it like that, he would have explained it exactly as you did. It was an off hand response that have me a bit of insight into his mentality. Turn the tables and imagine if a woman said that to you...

  • My knee-jerk reaction is that he feels he has a handle on you.


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