Tips To Consider When I Go On My Date?

Pretty much the Question Title.
I'm going out with a guy on Thursday, and just want some tips on what I should do, how I should act, what I should talk about, how to flirt? Anything honestly!

It's the first date with this guy, with just me and him. The other two times have been double dates with friends of ours.


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  • Since you have already been around him in a dating setting the transition should not be difficult for you since you have already talked and there is an obvious attraction between you which led you both to agree to this date. That said, I can give one of my drawn out responses that covers every basis but this one is quite simple but is also incredibly generic:

    Be yourself

    I say this because whatever you were on the double dates obviously was alluring to this guy so why worry about the little details at this point? You already passed the initial stage so, at this point, it's all about adding to that. If you really need me to be more specific, ask, however, I am telling you point blank you are already off to a good start based on this being a follow up.

    • Yeah I get that he's agreeing to come out again. But it's still at the point of I think him deciding whether he wants to take it further. Like, I don't wanna scare him away haha. I'd love for you to be more specific. I just wanna get this right.
      I also get that I should just be myself. But I'm never myself when I'm nervous..

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    • It's not a problem at all. You're going to be fine, just relax and remember that the world, no matter who we are, will always present us with challenges. It is inevitable. However, to truly succeed and to truly ascend to the level we all want to ascend to, we have to attack it back. Point being, don't only let things come to you but, if given the chance, take the leap now and again. You may fail here and there, sure, however, you will win now and again too and in doing so, you will gain confidence in yourself/know yourself better.

    • Wow that's very true, I will try my best to keep that in mind, thanks heaps. I do sorta needa look at it in a different light. Thanks again :)

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  • Don't do much different. We asked you out because we like how you are. Why change that?


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