Is a guy usually possessive of a girl he that isn't serious about?

Supposedly we're in a casual relationship. That's what we both want right now. Me because I like to take things slow in the beginning and see if we're compatible. Him because he wants to work on himself and focus on his career for now. Yet he said "you didn't tell me you joined tinder.. my friend matched with you and told me." (first of all, how does he friend know who I am / what I look like?) I think this is another reason why he stopped texting me good morning all of the time. The reason according to him is because he didn't want to seem "pressed".
He also said if he started seeing another girl he would tell me. So if he sees that as an option, why is he surprised I might be talking to other guys? I told him I'm not sleeping with anyone else, which is true, but just talking. I said if I wanted to be with someone else I would let him know and just leave, we could be friends.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this but it all seems confusing.


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  • He isn't possessive, just insecure.


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  • I'm assuming your friend showed your tinder match to him and he just confirmed who you are. Just like recognizing someone you know.

    Other than that, I'm kinda confused on what you're asking. But ill just answer your title, guys are possessive about girls that the have an interest in. They don't have to be series about them necessarily because its about their ego and pride.

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