Would you Agree or Disagree about this change of law if it were to happen?

If the age of consent went up to 18 years old in ALL states would you be for it or against it?

Please explain why you'd be for it or against i


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  • I'd be totally for it. When you're under the age of eighteen, you feel like you're so much older but once you get into your twenties you realize how young you really still were. So when older people take advantage of younger individuals knowing that they mentally can't consent it makes my skin crawl. The decision making part of your brain does not fully mature until you're even in your late twenties, so you can only imagine the state of cognitive development it's truly at where most states consider people to be at the age of consent (i. e. 15-17). The age of consent should be eighteen with the exception of a twenty-four month age difference between parties the two potential parties. That's just my opinion though.


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  • It wouldn't matter since you are legal at 18. It'd be a useless law.

  • Wouldn't really care. I don't even give anyone under 18 the time of day anyway.


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