What is the reason she gave me her schedule for the month?

So this girl I have had a thing with the past few months recently texted me with her schedule for the entire month of September. I thought it was a little odd, but then I thought maybe it's her way of saying "I'm not ignoring you". I have asked her to do some stuff lately and she says yes, but then when it comes to doing it she is always doing something else. I started to think she just didn't want to hang out with me, but then she texts me her schedule saying "I promise I'm not making excuses. Next month my life will be back to normal." My original thinking was if she was really into me, she'd make time. But after that text, maybe she is trying to tell me to hang on until her life is less hectic? Anyone have any thoughts? If you knew you were going to be traveling for basically 2-3 months straight, would you avoid starting a relationship until things were back to normal?


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  • She may be playing hard to get. I've read some articles that advice women to not seem "too available" or males will lose interest. Why I don't personally believe that, other women may not feel the same. If this girl really likes you, she may be trying to "do the right things" so you'll be interested in her. Or she may just have a hectic schedule, it's definitely possible.

    • Shree works for my company so I know when she is not working and she has really been out of town a lot and the other day when I was talking to one of her friends who lives in another city, she mentioned this girl is coming to visit, so I have no doubt she has been doing what she says. I'm just trying to figure out the angle, or why she got so detailed into her schedule. She has been keeping me at arm's length for a little over a month now. As soon as I stop texting or paying attention to her, she turns it up on her side, but then she stops short of actually dating me. So I'm trying to figure out if she is just wanting to keep me interested until her life goes back to normal and then she can do something about it, or if she is an attention whore, and just doesn't want me paying attention to other girls, but has no intention of dating me. That is the tricky part. Some of my female friends have said they wouldn't start a relationship if they were going to be gone a lot, makes it too hard.

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  • Don't be offended , she has a busy life and she has ambitions too !
    that move says :hey pick anyday and we'll hang out
    If you're intrested take it as a positive sign and go after it , if the hang out went great , both will want another one :)

    • I didn't take it as a bad thing. I figured it could only be good. I figured she was telling me "hey I would like to see you I just can't right now" and didn't want me to think she was making excuses. I just wondered if I read it right is why I asked the question.

    • then go for it :) good luck!

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  • I know I wouldn't want to start a relationship with the foreknowledge of me being unavailable physically. It's unfair to the other person. However, I wouldn't put my life on hold for someone else.

    • I'm a guy, do you think that's happening? ;-)