How to deal with competition?

What types of things can I do to reduce competition for girls I'm interested in? Or things to make competing males seem less desirable?


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  • Just do anything and everything he's not. If he doesn't hold the door open, feel free to. If he flirts with other girls in front of me, then it would be better for you if you do the opposite. The majority of girls should want a guy whos making a "hey I'll be faithful to you" impression. Overall, what one man won't do, another will :)


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  • do things that impresses


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  • Try and frame the competeing males and also dig up some dirt on them and bring these secrets to light. Basically, focus on all the shortcoming of your competitors.

    If it still doesn't work, how about you send these guys death threats?

    • Do I need to clarify that I mean without breaking the law?

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