Guy with gf always hitting me up?

Guy with gf hitting me up?
There was this guy who I was talking to about a year ago, we talked for about 3 months and all of a sudden he go into a relationship. I left him alone and 6 months later he started talking to me again. As if we never stopped talking. He still has a gf yet he continuously flirts with me, says flattering things, texts me all the time and sends me kisses and hearts and all this Bs. I still have feelings for him but I'm not a homewrecker, so I'm just wondering, what the hell does he want? Lol


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  • What does he want? He probably wants to have sex with a bunch of women, but not get a reputation of a 'player', while also trying to hold down a steady girlfriend so he can have a steady supply of sex for when his other attempts come up short.

    Ask him if his gf knows he sends you those messages. Ask how she would feel if she were to know. If she knows and is ok with it, then who cares. Consenting adults can do whatever they want. But if she is not ok with it, if he is doing it all behind her back, then he is showing his true colours. The way he is treating her now is the way he would be treating you later. I


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  • He's just being a jerk. If he is interested in you, then he has to dump the other girl first and then start with you. Looks like he's just trying to have his cake and eat it too. Make it clear to him that you won't entertain his 'advances' as long as he's still seeing that other girl.


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  • With his sporadic, Yet Problem Child Pattern, 'He wants'-----------His sweet cake and eat it too.
    He wants to Be 'In a relationship' with Whoever he choose, and it' seems as though it's Never you, and When in this relationship with someone, he still feels he can push a button on his end, with his 'Kisses and hearts,' and you will Always find him Cute as a little button. You Enable him to do This to you, and even if he were to split up with her tomorrow, the only other buttons he would be pushing with you would be--------He started talking to me again.
    How long you will stand for this, stooping for whatever poop he decides to throw your way, is up to you. If you say you 'Still have feelings for him,' then put him on the spot, for laughs and giggles, and tell him to give you a shout when he makes up his mind who he really wants, and if it is never going to be you, then----Loose my number.
    As far as 'I'm not a homewrecker' goes, don't give That a thought. No matter who he picks, he will end up being his own----Homewrecker.
    Good luck. xx