What do you do in your social life while you're single?

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*Tell why you choose to do that with your time while single.

  • Socialize "more often" with close friends or family.
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  • Find people to perform one nights stands or casual encounters.
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  • Simply focus on one's own life, not more socialization, avoid becoming sexually or emotionally involved till dating resumes.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I go to church and I focus on improving who I am as a person and try loosely to get in shape. I realized today that I don't have to be hot to get a religious guy - I just have to be religious. I might have to be hot to get a hot guy but I don't have to be hot to get a religious guy.


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  • Absoluteky nothing. I just focus more on school/work. Im not the kind of person to look for people. Plus i get tired of people really fast, so I just let it be.

    • Hmm... I am pretty similar to you, but in my free time I like to hang out with friends if I am not dating.

    • I dont even hang out with friends, its kinda exhausting.

    • Yeah, I got ya. I do talk a lot though so I need to let that out my system, sometimes I call people over the phone or go to the movies. I can't do it very often because it does tire me out.

      Usually every 2 weeks is good enough for me.

  • I am 23! And i am at age where i need to enjoy it! I hate socializing! cause everytime i meet a new person i have to start the intro all over again! I am picky with the kind of people i like to be friends with! I don't like people when they have bad attitude or personality! And can't talk to one person for too long I tend to get distant from them as its hard for me to trust people in life!

    • Hmm... you don't stay in contact with any close friends while dating?

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    • @BeardedDude *pssst i didn't really dated anyone! except when i was 15 i went on a double date and i hated it! It was so awkward! so decided to enjoy a single life till i am like 27 and then see how it goes! just because I was dating doesn't mean i will forget my friends lol! I will still be the same as how i will be when i am not dating!

    • @toutatis glad there is someone else like that! LOL i always thought i was weird not making friends! :D

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