Coffee date a good idea to catch up and to test the waters for more?

I'm going on a coffee date with a girl I haven't talked to in years, is this a good low key way to catch up and possibly see if there is more there?


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  • Yes it is, but don't make it a super long event. 30 mins or so. You don't want to catch up on everything during that time. So I would do a catch up via coffee, and say look I have to get back (x) event or I need to be off for (y) event, but let's get drinks sometime, let's next Friday at 8PM.

    It's straight forward and to the point, she's either free (interested), she's busy but counter offers (interested), or she's busy and doesn't counter offer (not interested).

    No ambiguity about it.


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  • It all depends on what she was.
    A friend, a crush? An old girlfriend?
    I think coffee is fine to catch up, I'd say it's the best way.
    You could even meet for drinks if you were just friends. But if you were more, that may be an issue.

    • We were only friends at the time. We grew up together.

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  • its one of the best ways, plenty of time to talk. and a good atmosphere generally.