Is she interested in me, or am I just a friend for her?

Hey guys, please help me out with some advice.
I met a girl a few weeks ago at a friend gathering, and I liked her immediately, so I asked her out, and we went to a tea house last week (it's a little chilly here nowadays). The tea house was very romantic, than we had a long walk next to a river than she had to leave so I gave her a lift to the railway station, than she acted like she didn't want to separate, and ask me to meet again soon.
But the problem is that, she talked about her ex a lot, and we had many topics during our conversations which you usually talk about with your friends.
After our "date" last Friday we started to talk on Facebook and Skype every day a lot, 4-5 hours at once.
I invited her for dinner to my place, and she said yes immediately without hesitation.
So, I'll cook for her and than I don't know if I should make a move or not, because I'm not certain if she's interested in me or she think about me just as a good friend.
So what do you think about this? Please give me some advice, thanks!

I forgot to mention that I'm 23 and she's 22, both university students.


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  • she likes you. it is a red flag that she talks about her ex so much. you may need to be careful to make sure that she is over him. some people just talk about an ex and it doesn't mean anything but it can be something especially if they talk about the person so much on a 1st date


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  • I think it's still hard to tell if she think of you as just a friend or more. I would make a move on her when you have dinner just so that she knows your intentions, if she then rejects you, apologize and continue the date as just friends. That's just would i would do, because that's what I like when guys do. Hope it helped and best of luck to you

  • She probably is interested in you. Her talking about an ex means she may not be over an Ex. But I wouldn't let that stop you. Make your move.

  • Have maybe one more date before making a move. If she's talking about her ex she might still be hurt by him. You might want to take things slow. If she's showing more signs she likes you or any signs she wants you to make a move, then go for it


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  • This sounds tricky. Be wary of women (or men) who talk about their ex's all the time. That means they're not over them, or you're being compared to them.

    Since it was your first meeting, maybe she had a lot to get out and vent so I would let it slide. Give her a second try and see what happens. If she continues to talk about her ex, sadly, she may just be using you as a shoulder to cry on and there's no mutual feeling there.

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