Could he be this way from what I said to him?

My bf and I have only been having sex once or twice a week for the past two to three weeks. His excuse would be cuz he was tired or I was crabby. I feel that he just says it to say it cuz he don't want to do it. I have got pissed a few times during our fights and I have told him sometimes im not happy with him and I wanna break up. I don't know if maybe that is why he is acting this way or what. But I'm just tired of him treating me like shit. If i didn't love him as much I'd move out or break up with him. We got in a fight last night again and when I said I was gonna leave he's like yeah u said thay a month ago too. He doesn't take it seriosuly which is why I think he doesn't t change the things I've told him to since I haven't left yet. Could he be this way from what I've told him? We have been dating for a little over a year.


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  • If you're going to tell a man you're leaving - do it, unless he chases after you. I don't recommend telling him that for sympathy or recognition because men eventually shut down in preparation for it. i told my husband once that I was doing go to divorce him if he doesn't get my ring - it was a joke and I laughed, but he took it very seriously and I had my ring the next weekend. I asked him where he got the money. He told me he sold some stuff to get the left over money. I was shocked! I asked why he did that and he said, "I couldn't let you divorce me." I nearly died. Needless to say, that ring was taken back and I've never joked about it again. I also noticed a sex decrease up until that point. I would just talk to your bf and get his insight without getting mad at him. If it's you, you need to take the blame and fix it.

    • Do u think he still loves me or could he maybe be cheating or losing interest?

    • I don't think he's cheating, and I don't think his love for you has changed - though that's possible it has. He may just be shutting down because you're threatening to leave him. Maybe talk to him. Tell him you want honesty and you won't get mad at him for it. Communication is always best.

    • What do you exactly mean by shutting down

  • Yeah I think he thinks you're not serious since you never leave so he is used to it