Im not sure if this is a way for guy to be hinting anything? help!!!?

went on well I met a guy today that I dates six months ago but unfortunately than it didn't work because he didn't live in my town , well now he livea five minutes away and he asked I'f I wanted to meet him. today we went on a long walk and adventure and it was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot. He didn't kiss me so I was a bit upset but is that probably normal? I mean we met after six months of no contact. On our way back he told me to just not hesitate to contact him to hang out , if I'm bored or whatever. is this a hint that he is interested? He also said I should come visit his place one day for one coffee.

Im just a bit scared to be the one who initiates things.. and i dont want to make it seem i like him if he only thinks about us as friends only

I also told him it was nice to see him again and maybe we can hang out once im back from my trip, and he said yes we can, it was fun :)


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  • Maybe he just sees you as a friend, or he's just waiting for the best moment to start, maybe he's scared of being rejected if he kissed you, maybe you should start.

    • I think deep inside i feel like he is my friend at the moment, and nothing more, becuase its been 6 months since I've seen him and i can't expect for him to want to jump into anything right now, but the fact that he wanted too meet up with me and told me i can ask to hang out whenever i want, is a good thing?

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    • I guess i shouldn't be looking so much into it and just be patient

    • Yup, good luck with it!

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  • take baby steps and slowly renew your relationship , hang out a lot ; he just moved to your town , maybe he has other stuff going on:)
    and no worries ;when you're intrested in someone you remain that way 6months or not , it may not be as intense but the sparke is there :)

    • It wsnt desperate of me? to say it was ncie to see him again and maybe we can hang out when im back from my trip?

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    • I can't tell by one event , he could be into you but afraid to make a move (isn't sure if you're intrested or single or something like that), or he just sees you as a friend , second hang out will tell :)

    • Thanks! i think i just dont like to be forgotten, and i fear that he might forget me , thats what i thought few months ago, i was hurt because i didn't want him to forget me like i didn't mean anything