Friends with benefits or more?

Basically me and my friend have always been attracted to each other but he got in a relationship. 3 months later after they had broken up and I went back to where he lives and I used to live for a holiday for three weeks.

We saw each other every day and every night and when we were apart we would be messaging constantly. We agrees to be friends with benefits, sex with no feelings or strings attached etc...

I got feelings for him obviously and one night when we were out he asked me if i liked him and when I said no, he just said oh so then I told him I did a bit and he said he did too. We never spoke about it since then.

We are also like best friends as well we call us "special friends".

Towards the last few days of the holiday he stayed at mine every night and would begin to stroke my back, cuddle me at night etc...

Then the messages turned into hearts and kisses and miss you lots and wish you were here etc...

He also one night asked my friend if I liked him and when she said yes he said thank god that's good to know, the feeling is mutual.

Do you think he has grown feelings for me like I have for him?

Might seem like I am paranoid it's just I know boys don't tend to get feelings that easy for girls over something like sex and hanging out a lot and flirting etcetc...

Thank you :)

People always say how we make a good couple and he has started making jokes saying "your side of the bed & oh so now you're telling me what I can and can't do 😉" etc relationship jokes


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  • Mmmm... Bad news and even more bad news.

    Under 18 relationships don't even count most of the time and when they involved sex its usually even worse as they are even less likely to succeed.

    It doesn't matter what he texts you, texts aren't important. How is he face to face. Hopefully I can avoid a situation with a person like this.

    • Sorry for late reply I haven't been on, he is 20 I am 18 and it just so happens that we are together now and very happy but thanks x

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