How important is it that a guy/girl sets HER/HIS (notice we're talking about your respective partner) boundaries with you?

As the question states. Now I may get some sh! t for this, but let's be honest, generally speaking in the beginning stages of relationships people play some games - some play more games than others - but generally some games can be healthy because it builds up sexual tension, hence why it happens; I can hear the naysayers already coming and saying you don't play games but truth is you do, to some extent whether it's verbal sexual innuendos. teasing, push-pull, or the more classic definition of games: late replies, becoming unavailable, etc.

That said, guys and girls, how important that your crush/SO/BF-GF establishes value by demonstrating their boundary? What do you consider a strong set of values in your partner that would say take a crush from just an infatuation to "Wow, this guy/girl is actually someone I could date and not just be a case of a fading thing"?


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  • I'm super chill about boundaries so I need the other person to tell me so I know when I'm about to go too far and reel it back a little bit. If the other person doesn't set boundaries there won't be any, so it's super important.


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