Dealing with a guy with a child?

I'm talking to this guy who is 28 and has a 2 yr old child buy a 21 yr old I really do like him but him and the mother of his child haven't been separated that long so I'm just apprehensive into getting my feelings involved and their still not completely over the situation. He is very persistent and he seems like he likes me but I just really don't want to waste my time and my gut feeling is telling me not to


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  • I have had to answer this question quite a few times since being on GAG, and I will tell you the same story I tell everyone whom I am trying to help here: It takes a very special person to get 'Involved' with a man or a woman with what I call 'Baggage,' for no matter how old or new their situation is, it always boils down to the same pot of stew: Their Number One Priority is their daughter or son, and of course with the little ones, is the Chief cook and bottle washer----The Mother of the brew. And That in itself can be a difficult situation. She always seems to have her hand in the cookie jar when it comes to what her Ex is doing, what he is up to with anyone new, especially around 'Her kids,' and it Can cause you some strife in your life.
    And being the 'separation' is relatively New, is also telling me they are still Not divorced and of course, they could end up Reconciling even before they reach the court room for Child support.
    Beware right now, sweetie. A lot can happen with a case like this. However, it's your choice to either take your chances, hang in there and see how far it will go, or just stay friends for now, keep things light and semi sweet, and don't wear your 'Feelings' Nor your heart on your sleeve.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much everything you said is exactly how I'm feeling I'm going to go with my gut on this one and keep it light and semi sweet lol love that term I just don't want to get to involved with this type of situation because I know how I am lol

    • You are so welcome... Yes, it is hard as hell... I didn't have room to tell you of my sister who married a man with 3 kids to boot, and along with a twit of an Ex wife and 3 growing kids whom they shared, it was No picnic for my poor sis, I can tell you---The Ex is worse than the kids sometimes... But in time things calmed down, the Ex remarried, the kids got older, and after many trials and tribulations, it's a wonder my sister still kept her marriage together and her sanity in tact... Just be careful, guard your heart on this one... It's a tender situation, a few other people involved here... xx

    • Oh, you are most welcome... You are very wise to go with what your 'Gut on this one' is telling you, and with your heart involved as well, it's a delicate thing to break, and have to suffer severely in the end even after everything... xx

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