Interest for a close friend's ex-boyfriend?

so about a month a go a really close friend of mine and her boyfriend (well ex now) broke up, and during the summer holidays me and him started talking, and we've talked nearly everyday over the holiday and i think we have an interest for each other, well i have an interest for him, and i don't know how my friend is going to react if i tell her im kind of falling for her ex, i don't know wether i should tell her, or not, or just stop talking to him not completely but constantly.
i'd really appreciate some advice thanks :)

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  • Continue no matter what my friend thinks
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  • Dont tell her
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  • You have to tell her. What's worse than you friend finding out by someone who's not you? How long were the two of them dating? If it was over a year I wouldn't make a move.. But if it was less than 2 months you can def be with him. Your friend chose not to be with him/ he didn't want to be with her. It's not your fault (hopefully) so you should be able to be with him. He's not your friend's property.

    • thanks for the advice I really appreciate it :)

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    • thankyou soo much for thr advice ill definitely take this onboard, sorry for the late replay by the way

    • message me if u need anything- good luck :)