Do I have a chance? Opinions please!?

I was "involved" with this guy, who I was friends with first. We both wanted a relationship but he wanted to take things slow & just wasn't very clear about how he felt. I got kinda clingy & he didn't like this. So it never turned into a relationship. We still take. I'm usually the one who text him first. But he is with he's ex, who he's been on & off for like an year. Do you think he would give me a second chance when he's single again? How many guys have gone back to an ex?


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  • You kinda raised and issue there, "will he want me back when he's single " so you're happy being second best or a last resort? If he wants you, he'd make it known or maybe he's on an off coz he's no sure about you, gotta talk it out only quickest way to know I'd say


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