I'm a bit lost with her.. we both have feelings for each other, but what's holding her back?

for the past several nights, I been thinking about this relationship i had with this gal.

at first, we started our as friends, but slowly we progressed through out the time.. we started seeing each other more frequent. we started to go out to dinner, dance, clubbing and etc.. something that normal friends would do..

but one night, she started to kick me under the table and i started to brush her shoulders here and there.. is like high school dating.. she then asked if i would like to try her drinks, dessert out.. but instead of me going there with my fork.. she would feed me.. there was this one time, we went out for dessert, and she had her next to my face.. and the people in the shop was looking at us..

on top of that, after dinner.. we would hold hands like an couple.. and whenever we dance, we would always be with each other.. even if I'm with her friends, I would only dance with her an no one else.. even though she insisted to dance with her friends but i didn't.

and then, her friends and my mates started to scent there is something between us.. which we both admitted to it..

then one night, she asked are we an item or do you have feelings for me. I told her, i have always enjoyed your company and I would like to add a title or make it exclusive.

and i asked her if she has feelings for me also, she reply.. I do too.. then we both kissed and ever since then, we haven't seen each other.

my question is, what's holding her back? i called her the week after and i told her, i want to see you.. I missed not being to hang out with you.. and she admitted it too. she felt the same way also.

our actions pretty much spoked for itself, we hold hands, do things that couples does..

is she afraid of jumping into an relationship with me? is she trying to suppress her feelings for me or?



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  • Usually when a girl starts becoming distant is because 1) she doesn't have feelings and can sense you do. (but with you that isn't the case.) 2) she is afraid of being hurt in a relationship.

    I would just talk to her and be like whats the deal. I thought we were bf/gf. Why haven't we seen one another since we decided that. I miss you and I wanna see you. And then just say Im not trying to come off strong I just feel like you are holding back with me and you don't need to. And just be sweet with it :)

    Hopefully this helped.


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  • Okay so here is what you need to do... walk up to her and ask her out, maybe she is actually waiting for you to say "Do you wanna go out with me?" because it you had it set up to put the GF/BF title on it but didn't even pop the question... she could just be upset about it.

  • Dude! You've just gotta make the next move, it's in your court and she's waiting for you to act. The question isn't what's holding HER back, it's what's holding YOU back?

  • haha this is totally me. Well girls are good liars sometimes. Don't think that we can't fake feelings, we can! And this girl seems to only fake her feelings, and she back out because she doesn't want to be exclusive with you. Sorry but true I been there I know what happens.


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