Would you bother coming back into a girl's life you weren't serious about?

me and this guy broke it off like 9 months ago because I was moving away for like 6 months and we wanted different things. he wasn't ready to commit because he wasn't over his ex. we got mad at each other in the end too, each blaming the other one. he started calling me this summer and I didn't answer until a few weeks ago. we saw each other and it was seriously wonderful. I told him though that I needed time and he told me to call me when I didn't feel weird anymore. I'm thinking of calling him next week. I just hope he wants what I do now? I know there's no sure way to know but to ask him, but when we were hanging out he kept asking if I had a boyfriend, told me he liked me, but when we were kissing and I asked what he wanted from me he said he didn't know. I feel like that's understandable because this was literally the first time we'd hung out since December, but I can't stop thinking about it.

by the way we didn't have sex when we saw each other
does this situation sound similar to anyone?


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  • Well to answer your question some people only come back into other's lives because, well, they're bored or they're feeling lonely and they need someone to feel that void. His response of "i don't know" is a sure sign right there. If he wanted to pursue something with you then his response would've been just that.

    • so you're saying because he said I don't know that's a good thing?

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