Confused And I Need Help?

So I had a thing with Boy 1 for a while and at his party the other night we made out. I've been told he likes one of my sort of friends that he likes her. He also hasn't returned any of my texts since the day after the party. The other guy I like is boy 2 who I've been super close with for over a year and have told a lot of personal stuff too. He knows that I liked him and I think he likes another girl now. The other boy I like is Boy 1s best friend who I like a little bit but don't feel a huge connection with. I also don't go to the same school as him anymore but we still talk a lot. Please tell me what to do in this situation!!


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  • You know them personally you should make the decision but here's my advice:
    -Don't feel obligated to stay with boy 1 because you kissed once
    -Boy 2 may be better because you feel you can talk to him about personal stuff
    If they like other girls I don't know what to say, sorry...

    Any other questions?

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