What do guys want in a girlfriend?

I really like this guy who's a friend and am wondering what he'd be wanting in a girlfriend. His ex broke up with him like 6 months ago so i'm not sure if he's ready for a relationship anyway but I don't want to lose him.


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  • i couldn't tell you what he wants, but what I would want is a girl who:
    -doesn't jump to conclusions
    -likes most of the same movies that I do
    -loves it in the butt
    -has a good memory of what she said
    -has an appreciation for video games
    -likes pot
    -swallows greedily
    -a bit of a fitness fiend
    -doesn't drink or do other drugs (besides pot)
    -can carry on an intelligent conversation, but doesn't feel obliged to have them


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  • A girl who is smart, creative, confident, stylish, slender, nice legs/bum, pretty face and a slut in the bedroom

  • I'd like a girl who is: smart, has a sense of humor, open minded, loyal, caring, not judgmental, has a decent taste in music and movies.

  • Personally myself I want a athletic girl that would play me in basketball or another sport. I would also like her to be loyal, caring and compassionate.


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