What exactly is "casual dating"? Is someone that doesn't "casually date" a turn-off?

I keep seeing this term being used and flung around, though I don't really understand what it is.
How is "casual dating" different then "regular" dating? Is it just friends-with-benefits, or is it different than that?
I would love to start dating, but my problem is - I want more than just fwb... I would love to create a relationship if we clicked right. However, I am afraid that anything that's not "casual dating" puts men off, and that no men will even consider seeing me if casual, no-strings-attached sex isn't an option. :(
I am a virgin with no dating experience, and am mortified about fucking someone that I know won't ever care about me or see me as anything more, and even more embarrassingly, just leave.
I am so lonely, but I also know that waiting past the first few dates for sex scares most men away. I don't want to date someone who I'm not sexually compatible with, though I also am absolutely horrified to give my first time to someone who's practically a stranger. What's a girl to do? Is it wrong to not "casually date", if that is indeed what it entails? Should I start casually dating?


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  • Casual dating is kind of like a "we're seeing each other but it really doesn't mean anything" sort of thing. You shouldn't alter your morals for something like that. Some guys are really into casual dating and some guys actually are wanting something serious when it comes to a potential partner. I remember I was almost about to head down that "fwb" road. I'm like you, it just doesn't feel right giving myself to someone who doesn't give a shit about me and in all honesty, I don't see how people do it. *kudos to them* It isn't wrong to NOT casually date someone. It isn't for everyone. Just give it some time. Don't give yourself away to someone unless you are absolutely certain it's what you want to do. Good luck!

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