He said he couldn't imagine himself dating me. Please Read

Okay, so basically I've known this guy and we've been talking. He knows I like him. He told me that I was great. He said I was pretty and I am amazing. But he also said that he couldn't imagine himself dating me and he didn't know why. Why is that? Please be honest.


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  • i agree with mustang. the most obvious reason a guy would say that is because he is so close to you that he thinks of you more as a sister or something than he does a potential girlfriend. either that or he's lying to cover up his feelings for you, but that's way less likely.

    • Okay. but what about the friends with benefits. that's all he wants is us to be friends with benefits. should I be friends with benefits with him or no

    • Oh, then he's a total douche, who only wants you for your body. being friends with benefits is almost never a good idea.

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  • He may just see you as a real good friend or sister or cousin maybe. I'm not saying he's lying about the "your amazing" stuff, he probably just doesn't see you in that light.

    • I guess. but all he wants from me is to be friends with benefits adn stuff

    • Being FWB doesn't mean he likes you as a girlfriend but it means he likes you on pure sexual level. If you have feelings for him, its best you don't be friends with benefits. Or if you feel you could potentially have feelings for him, don't make that mistake.

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  • friends with benefits? really? sorry I'm new to the site but not new to the world ...if he's that "into you" but only wants to be friends with benefits then there's more than likely something or someone else in his life...at least that's what I would think

  • If he don't know how is anybody else supposed to know? other than maybe he is not attracted to you in that way..

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