Is it too soon to be asking the girl to hangout outside of class?

I really just want to hangout with her just to see how things go from there. We were in the same class during summer school on campus, now in the fall we have the same lab together. I decided to sit next her and we started talking for a bit. I asked to be lab partners and she agreed then asked me for my phone number and then she gave me hers. A few days go by and she texts me about class and we texted each other for a couple hours. We agreed to meet up at the library to study together. Judging by all this, would it be too soon to be asking her to hangout outside of school? I have a crush on her and I'm not 100% sure if she likes me.


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  • I can't say for sure if it's appropriate to hang out yet because I don't know the conversations between you two. I'd test the waters a little more. Find out her interests, lifestyle, goals in life, and if seeing someone else at your study session if you haven't already. All while cracking a few jokes of course. You gotta make her warm up to you and comfortable with you. Make the most of the study session but don't seem desperate. If it seems to you that it clicks then ask her to go grab something to eat after studying or something casual. If not then plan B just keep talking to her in school and maybe ask her to go out at night and ask her to I'm in the same situation with a girl I met too.


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  • You could ask her to hang out casually, without making it sound like a 'date' or something. Its not too soon, make your move now or you may regret it later.

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