Online Dating and Exclusiveness?

Hi, need some advice. I've never done online dating before but I am the type of person that can only date one person at a time.

Anyways, I met this guy and we've been on 5 dates and have kissed/made out (no sex). I've asked the guy previously that if he is dating anyone else besides me to let me know as I generally date one person at a time as a rule. I get confused when I am talking to many people at one time. I've been there and usually I will not date any of the guys. So the guy was like yes i agree and I'm the same way. I'm only dating you at the moment. However, after the 5th date, I noticed that he still on the dating site on daily basis. I still have my profile up but Im not actively on it at all. So I asked him if he was busy tonight and he said no that we could talk. He meant via text because I wanted to talk over the phone to get to know each other better. He said oh I'm busy if we need to talk over the phone lol. I noticed he was online on the dating site. I let it go because I know it shouldn't bother me as we are not exclusive. However, it does bother me. We do have a 6th date planned for this Friday and he's basically been hanging out with me over the weekends if I am not busy. So I don't know why it bothers me but need some input on what is going on in his mind. I don't want to waste my time here so if he is looking for other people, I rather he go on and do that. Maybe I am over thinking this so any inputs would be great.


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  • he is definitely looking for a physical relationship with u

    • But he knows I won't get physical. We've discussed this, I am still a virgin and he's knows it's not going to happen.

    • well i don't know about it in detail being honest i am virgin my self but a guy thinks when u kiss him the sex is not far away he just need to gain ur trust enough, so he will keep trying on u together with the possibility of other in case if u leave him

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