How to get a girl to like you?

Hi I just moved to a new school this year in 8th grade. there's this girl and I have her for science and history. Since I moved to a new school nobody knows anything about me. We never talked I dont think I ever said hey to her but its only the second week of school. How do I get her to notice me and better yet how do I get her to like me?


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  • Well since you're the new kid in school, it may take some time but just be your cool self and she'll eventually take notice. Maybe you can find something to compliment her on. Not a compliment about her appearance but something that won't immediately give her the impression you like her... but just enough of a clue to make her wonder about you. For instance if she gets called on to give an answer in class, agree with whatever she says (even if its wrong). Girls will take notice of a guy who they feel thinks like they do or jumps to their defense when needed. Other than that if you're a nice guy then she's bound to like you once she gets to know you better.

    • Ok thanks ill try that trw :)

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