Calling all good men; I need advice?

If you are with a woman that you love and wish to marry, what do you do to show that you are marriage material?
Do you take her to special places, offer to pay her bills, do you ever let her pay for something when you are together at the grocery store?
Does a man OFFER to pay for things if he's in love?
For example, does a man really love you when he wants you to pay him back when he picks up your medication? Note, he has a good job and has no debt.
Doesn't a man try to impress a woman he says he wants to marry her?


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  • It's not a good thing that you are so money orientated when trying to start a relationship. Both your financial standings shouldn't come into it at the start. If he chooses to pay for somethings then that is fine but you seem to expect it. For me that's not right I am sorry.

  • I always pay for stuff in a relationship in the beginning and then see where it goes. Its nice when your out for the one to pay one time and the other to pay next for dinner and stuff but that's when its a serious relationship. You on the other hand are questioning his love for you. I don't pay for stuff because I love who I am dating, I was just brought up that way. The man takes you out and he pays for everything and then when they get married the woman pays for it. Its different nowadays. I think your rational if he loves you why would be asking for money for a prescription that's not his is a little out in let field. I would ask for money to especially if it is a lot of money. Love is love Love is not money.


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