How do you avoid getting stupid and sloppy with things when you are in love?

When I am in love, I behave like an idiot some times. How to avoid this?


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  • I have to completely disagree with dragonfly..
    Here's the thing everyone turns into a nervous trainwreck when they fall for someone, some people are just better at hiding it. However, I don't think that means you should never venture into unfamiliar waters, I actually thinks that what love and life is all about. Put yourself out there, take a risk, experience

    All the awkwardness and child like behavior should cease naturally after you've gotten to know and trust them more. You just adjust.

    The only thing I may be helpful is working on conversation skills and building confidence.
    Like holding conversations with strangers, in the stores, on the bus, train.. Etc it's helpful, odd but really good skill to practice.


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  • Start by approaching girls with whom you have common interest, so that you'll have something to talk about that you are familiar with. 90% of that derp is from you stressing about trying to impress. So don't venture into unfamiliar waters :P Also, strong relationships are built on honesty, so do what comes naturally to you and be yourself. Don't try to fake something just to get her attention.

  • Slow your thoughts down a tad. Think before you speak or act. Acting like an idiot due to being in love basically means you're acting like an excited child; your thoughts are racing through your head because you're so happy. Either that or you're nervous.

    I'm sure you don't look like an idiot though and keep in mind, you won't always act like an idiot with them as your relationship develops.

  • You wouldn't the first! ;)


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