Have you pushed a guy away that you liked?

i met this great girl, she is a social butterfly but around me she gets shy. i like her a lot, but lately she has been distant.

i feel she is scared of commitment. how should i approach her?


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  • Let me tell you my story first. So I liked this guy for a year, and finally the next summer we confessed to each other via text. And when he asked me if I wanted to date him, I said I would if we have any classes together at August. We didn't, and I'm sad and he is sad as well and now we could only text and not have anytime with each other.
    You might ask me, "if you knew that something like this might happen, why didn't u just saied yes when he asked you out?"
    I was afraid. I want to date him so bad but the way I was raised restricted me from doing so. Chinese brainiac girls like me don't date boys, even if he gets good grades and is in the school band. My parents would freak if a date a boy, my studies will get interfered, I will distance myself from my friends, those thoughts were pounding in my mind and more, what if another girl likes him? What if he grow to like another girl? What if I grow to like another boy? What if we break up? Can we still remain best friends?
    So how about just make a choice with a possiblity where I'm not going to date him?
    I was afraid, worried, paranoid, and overwhelmed. I didn't know what to do. Maybe she is the same way. And as a social butterfly, she has a lot more to worry about. Her friends? Her other guyfriends? Her work? Her family? You said she gets shy when you are around. Maybe THAT'S her real personality. As some one popular, you might be depressed on the inside but still smile at everyone u walk by. And as a popular girl, she mustve dated some guys before. Has she had a dramatic and traumatic experience with a boy? Was she heart broken? And did she cry over him?
    As long as a girl is thinking with a right mind, she will think of all the above concerns I have listed above. About how to approach her, it may or may not be difficult. You have to let her trust you. Becuz if she does, than she will trust you with her concerns and u can make sure that everythingis alright


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  • Yes, I've made that mistake plenty of times. If she gets shy she probably likes you. Make the effort if she is suddenly not confident enough to do it. Just ask her out on a date to a place where you guys can talk.

  • OO this is me all the way when it comes to guys. If she is afraid of commitment it is probably because of her past relationships or just her life experience. Talk to her and let her know (that if you do) that you like her and tell her how you feel. She is still gonna be distant till she can fully trust you and know that you are for real. A guy can tell me all day he likes me, but Actions Speak Louder Than Words. So prove to her that you are worth her time.

  • maybe she doesn't want a boyfriend

    • idk.. she told me she was scared of commitment, indirectly.

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