Have you ever hugged a guy at the end of a first date and ruined the chance for them to kiss you?

I'm curious. Lets say you're on a date. Then at the end your date comes up to you.

Kiss or hug.

Do you ever get nervous and hug them, accidentally ruining the chance to kiss?

Or do you hug them, purposefully keeping them from kissing you?

  • No, I've never done this
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  • Yes, botched it and hugged when I wanted a kiss
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  • Yes, hugged to prevent an awkward kiss that I didn't want
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  • I've done both
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  • If i dont want a kiss i hug around his waist and walk away lol i dont let the opportunity arise, but if i want a kiss i hug around his neck so our faces are close


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  • Horrible I went in for a hug and he wanted a kiss, I think I still sometimes do that and he's my boyfriend now

  • nope. i actually made the kissing part easier by going in for a hug


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