What's it like being In a relationship?

I'm 22 years old and have not had a gf or done anything with a girl abd I was kinda wondering what is being in a relationship like?


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  • Its exciting at first, thrilling, everythings new and a mystery. It can get boring, but its nice to know you have someone, marriage tome felt like having a slumber party with your best friend every night till you wanted to smother them with a pillow lol it just really depends. there's a lot of pros and cons. Take your time and find someone worth fighting with <3 goodluck


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  • There are definitely pros and cons

    You have someone to cuddle with
    can talk about your problems
    someone to care for and cares about you
    can go dutch when going out
    always have a date available

    sometimes expected to fight (esp. if clubbing)
    have to constantly keep happy
    have to remember dates
    have to not look/flirt with other women
    can't do wild things friends do sometimes

    But at the end its worth it, especially if you really like her. Don't get one simply to be with one, it'll get boring really quickly.

    • Why not one just embrace the dullness of the r/s bro? (:
      It is what makes the r/s ever so much more sweeter, don't you think?

    • relationships aren't suppose to be dull, if so then you're doing it wrong.

  • HEYY!
    High-five man!
    Join the club.
    7 years in a single-gender school !
    Lucky I didn't come out gay!

    PS: I know you can't "become gay"

  • It depends, for me it's pretty good. But compared to being single it's a little more worrying and constricting at times, you kinda end up worrying about the girl a lot. But that's my situation of course since my girlfriend is quite stubborn and does dumb things at times.

  • i wouldn't know since i'm still single as well sadly