Is it okay to confess?

I'm in love with my friend and he's gonna graduate soon. I really want to have a relationship with him. I'm planning to confess to him the day before his graduation because he will not see me after that day. LOL But I think I'm not brave enough to do it. I have signs that he likes me too but I think he's afraid to confess too.

I'm a girl, btw.


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  • Follow your heart! im very sure it doesn't say because your a girl you can't get what you want does it?

    • Of course you can confess! whether or not you feel its right is a question best left to your heart for guidance! i would! ... but lol "i'm a guy, btw" who would love to know how manying amazing women out there like me!

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  • Listen to the song say by john mayer and it will make your decission easy :)