Just curious after answering this question... How do you guys feel about goody-two shoes?

Like I'm one of those girls who don't smoke or drink. I am also celibate (let's just say it wasn't "knockin when I tried it" lol). I'm pretty smart when it comes to school. Yet I'm a bit slow at times when it comes to common sense. I don't really cuss as much; however, It may slip out about 2-3 times a day. I could've asked this question anonymously, but I decided to be brave and just come on out and ask. So are there any guys out there who believe that you can still have fun with a girl when smoking, drinking, and sex are excluded? =/
Lets keep this respectful yall. Just curious.

  • I would date a goody-two shoes :)
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  • I wouldn't date a goody-two-shoes :(
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  • I would befriend a goody-two-shoes, but thats it!! =p
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  • A goody-two-shoes shouldn't even look my way!! Wild'N'Out Daredevil Territory Right Here!!
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And being good doesn't mean I'm not flirty or playful, because I am. I just am to an extent. People can be intimatw without actually having sex. Well, I don't know if that made sense but yea. And I'm also really goofy but um yep :-D


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  • I suggest you find a good guy, you'll be more compatible

    you might find u attract thugs but that's mainly bc they think they can get over on u


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  • Well... I will start by saying you are full of shit. Either you are trying to portray your character as "goodie2shoes" or "clean" for certain reason or a complete attention whore, either way, this post is bs.

    I am prity good at reading body language, a pic with your midriff showing, in underwear, pushing your chest out to make your tits look bigger, zipper opened just enough so bra/cleavage is visible, the hair on face, lips together and eyes focused on the camera making sure you look the way you want...

    Yeah, you are a wannabe goodie girl. Now here is some science for ya so next time you bs you think twice-

    Your bottom lip is jutting further than your top because it has been repeatedly used to create pressure... hence you ARE a smoker.

    The sexual confidence in the pic, as mentioned above, shows that you are very sexually active. A "virgin" or "inexperienced" girl will never be able to pull that off due to lack of comfort in her sexuality as she hasn't experienced that yet.

    Lastly, from the tone of your writing, you are prity confident but love attention and are very conniving. And to justify that, you used the "I not posting this anonymously" line...

    SO next time, just post a pic and ask for attention, don't false advertise yourself and try to be someone you are not...

    Now go ahead and tell me how wrong I am while you anger flares because I am right... and ill tell you how much I give a shit :)

    • Dude calm down. can't goody-two shoes post okay looking pics too? And no, I don't smoke. Maybe I tried to look cute in the pic, but really? I didn't try to push my chest out. Im just apparently more top heavy. And i clearly said I made the mistake of having sex before. But now I'm celibate. U clearly didn't read the lets be respectful part. Smh

    • "And i clearly said I made the mistake of having sex before. But now I'm celibate." You are saying that you're not interested in ever having sex again? I guess some guys are asexual.

  • You'll always find a guy that likes a goody two shoes. It's not that people favor a certain type over others, it's mostly if you guys are compatible. Just look for some who respects your views and you should be fine.

    Though the real question is, would you like the guy who likes you.

  • i would but I wouldn't be ok with not having sex ever. I don't mind waiting and typically wait until I feel like I in love before having sex but I wouldn't be ok just never having sex.

    I also wouldn't have a problem if the girl didn't smoke or drink but I hope she'd be ok with me having a drink when I want

    • I'm cool with him drinking, as long as its not an everyday habit. Plus I may not drink now, but I think I'll slip a sip when I hit up Vegas at 21 lol. And I mean well I just wouldn't want him to expect sex SOON. I guess I wouldn't say never, just not now.

  • Yes it's possible. With all that tension built up, you get those super hot makeout sessions instead. Making out is fun : )

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    • I'm not really sure how to answer this. I mean just because I don't do these things doesn't mean I'm a little angel. I've had my sneaky moments and I get in trouble from time to time, but basically these three things aren't included in my reasons for getting in trouble.

    • Lmao :) i just watched the video

  • Well not smoking would be a plus, and I don't really care either way about drinking (provided she doesn't mind me drink on occasion), however unless there was some medical reason I would want to be with someone that would eventually be interested in sex.

  • I can't date shoes but I can date a girl that isn't bad but is entertaining and comfortable to be with. I am not a clown myself so a boring person would not give me the stimulation to keep being funny n shit

  • So what do feel about the people that smoke, drink, and have sex? The last thing anyone is interested in is judgmental bitch.

    • Im not judgmental. See how you just judged me because you assume that I judged you, them, or whoever. If they smoke, drink, etc. than thats them. The question here is what would they think about me not doing any of that -_-

  • Two shoes!


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  • I live a goody two shoes for a friend lol but I wouldn't invite her anywhere lol

    • Lol why wouldn't you invite her anywhere? I hear they make good designated drivers and liars when you tell your parents that you're apparently "sleeping over". Goody-two-shoes basically have their secrets too. They just avoid getting caught lol.

    • You know I never had a designated driver? That's so weird lol I had a friend who was really fun. She would drink... but only early during the night so when it was time to leave she wasn't really drunk anymore.

      But my goody two shoes friend was so judge mental lol

    • Lol i wouldn't be as judgmental