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I had known this girl outside of my school and had a huge crush on her. I have been crushing on her for two years already. She's in an all girls schools well known for a lot of lesbians. I have no idea if she is one or not. So i have been suspecting she have a boyfriend or a boy crush outside of her school. She recently post a status on Facebook saying "best gal friends? you are not even here for me when i needed you lol" so from this status I dont know if it meant that she was referring to a guy who claimed she is his best female friend, and he is not there for her. Which i conclue she likes him. Or 2, she meant a girl from her school who claimed she's her best friend and was not there for her. I just dont know what she means. Someone enlighten me please.


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  • Do you talk to her? IF so, you ask her out on a date. quit the Facebook stalking bullshit.

    • Yeah i do talk to her, but that's not the point. I just want to know the meaning of her status

    • And I said to stop trying to interpret Facebook crap.