Do you think it's fate?

I have always carried an emergency £20 note on my key ring, I am the most broke I have been in 6 years and am now down to my last emergency £20 note, i have no money in the bank and no other access to finance...

I have never before needed to use this £20, when ever anyone asked why I carried it, i always joked that I'd use it if I'm really stuck -like being broke and having a killer date

... so now I've been after a girl for 3 years and now have a date with her, but have other money than this last resort, do you think it's fate that I kept this money back so that now I can take her out?


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  • Honestly? I'll tell you that girls care MORE about you planning out a date from beginning to end versus what you will buy her. If you spend more time and care than money planning it, shell believe your actually serious about her and like you even more despite what you DON'T have. Anybody can go out and buy dinner... not romantic.

    • ya, but practically you need at least a little money to do most things

    • awww thank you! and what I say is true.. if you have little money, take her on a picnic to the park. Parks are free, and snacks are cheap. Buy her ice-cream as you walk around. BAM! date and it cost LESS than a 20. your welcome.

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  • In some ways yes. But you know I would be honest and explain you are at an all time low.
    If you spend the £20 on a date, then what do you do?
    You don't really need money for a date or should you explain and say you must delay a little until you have some more money.
    I always think it is good to be honest and you can then relax with her.

  • You have bigger problems you need to fix than a girlfriend.

    • No sir i'm only having cash flow issues, within a week after the date I'm back in business financially

    • You didn't really say that. Well I would go for it then, you can always replentish the $20.