Giving him space, what's next?

I’ve been talking to this guy for a few months and before that I was in a long term relationship. He was really sweet, called every day and we hung out every weekend. He started introducing me to people as his girlfriend, so I casually asked him about it and he said he’s not ready for a girlfriend and likes to take things slow which was perfect for me. One weekend we hung out with other friends and he tried to get me to ditch my plans but I wouldn’t. The next few days I barely heard from him and told him that if it was about Friday he had nothing to worry about bc even though we were dating I wouldn’t do anything to disrespect him. Barely heard from him the next two weeks, but I kept on moving and went on a trip with some friends. We had a Vegas trip and he started talking to me a lot more and we had an amazing time with each other. Sunday night we finally got a chance to talk and I asked him what happened and he spilled. He said he doesn’t trust girls easy (like me with guys) and he was worried if I would ever move to his town bc we live an hour apart. He made a lot of wrong judgments, but I’ve never judged him. I realized that night that I was completely wrong about him too and that we’re very compatible. That night he held and kissed my forehead the entire night and then held my hand the entire plane ride. The other day I sent him a text saying I’m glad we talked bc we both seemed to be wrong about each other and I know we’re both not ready for a relationship but I had an awesome time. I never got a response, but I wasn’t expecting one. I uploaded our pics to fb and obnoxiously it posted each individual picture as a different post and he left the main one with all of the pics but hid the individual posts of us and left the group ones. Yesterday he included me in a group snapchat. I won’t chase a guy or blow him up. I’m giving him space, but should I contact him at all? He knows I’m interested but I don't know if he knows how much.


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  • Sure. See how he's doing. Guys feel like they're always the one doing the initiating. If he has a problem with you asking about his well being then something's wrong with him not you. Good luck!