Playing, betraying and attention seeking?

A guy told me that his girlfriend had left him and so he was really upset and all that etc... so one day he asks me out and I said okay.. then some days later I realise he's playing me, he ain't being real at all because for someone who's been with their girlfriend for about 11 months is a long enough time how can you really forget someone so easily? so i made something up like my mates have been telling me stuff like you don't really love me and your really just telling me you love me but in real if u can't prove it then you don't. He couldn't prove it and we argued, he blocked me off Facebook before i was going too and so I blocked him of whatsapp, it wasn't the best ending but... it's better than being single than with someone who's going to play you.
Days later, he unblocks me and sends me a dot " . " I saw the message but didn't reply at all, i totally ignored him, the next day he blocked me again. I mean who the hell blocks you and then unblocks you , what's the point of that>? so anyways I was actually upset when he left because he'd asked me to get engaged with him, we'll have our own house, tell your parents your in love with me... if I had , he's left?


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