Help! What do I do with this guy?

So this guy I like is apparently interested in me too, and we've been texting a lot. I want to ask him out- but I have no idea how! I'm sick of having to make the first move with guys.. It always stresses me out. I'm just so nervous that he's gonna say no or that it'll be awkward or something.. We've never even talked about liking each other.. I only know he's interested because my friend told me that's what he said. I'm just so worried about what could happen... Help!

I'd like to ask him over text to avoid embarrassment.. Is that a bad idea?
Also does anyone have a good idea of where I could ask him out?


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  • Just do it! If you don't do it you'll regret it. I always thought a guy should make the first move. But I just told a guys I loved him and he told me he loved me to.. Now you think wow lucky you. But he lives a 1000 miles away and he's afraid to start long distance so no, no luck. But just tell him you like him! I did it also over text bu the way :) goodluck!!

    • Oh wow. I hope you guys can make it work! <3

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    • Ah yes I'm so happy for you!! :)

    • Let me know! Goodluck! :)

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  • Just do what is comfortable to you. If one of his friends told you he likes you, he probably does like you. Just ask. If he really doesn't like you, well. His loss.

    You'll miss 100% of all opportunities you never take.

    • My friend said almost the exact same

    • I don't know I'm just really nervous..

  • Ask him out, or send him more suggestive text messages that you want to do something, make sure he realllly knows you're into him for sure... sometimes as guys we can't tell if girls are "just with way with me", or if "are they this way with every guy?". Just play it out and be flirty, take your time though, don't be in a rush =]


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