What to do if I'm interested in several different guys?

I've recently noticed that several men I know are expressing interest in me. (Body language, compliments, flirting, eye-contact, etc.). Truthfully, I'm attracted to, and would be interested in dating several of them. These guys are all friends with each other, (and a few are best friends). If I agreed to go on a date with one guy, would I destroy any chance of being asked out by the others? Any advice from the guys out there?

I'm updating his question just in the hopes of getting a few more opinions from the guys out there.


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What Guys Said 1

  • No, this is perfectly fine in my opinion. But I would suggest taking things slow with them and really seeing which one you connect the most with.

    I think its a good idea to date multiple people early on but sooner or later you want to really try and find a way to distinguish a guy you could date "exclusively" in the long term. Also I'd make sure not to lead a guy to think you plan on going out with him again if you don't or that you have future plans with him if you don't.

    Just make sure the guys know that its just dating not necessarily a guarantee of a relationship yet.


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  • well nothing wrong with being interested in several other guys as long as you dont take it further with them all aha :) there might be a chance of destroying it with the others if they find out about the date so you might want to be careful there, Seeing that their best friends/friends they would probably talk about it with each other too... but yeah :) sorry i ain't a guy i only read the any advice from the guys out there just ahah