Is it normal if I don't want to be in a relationship ever?

I don't see the point of long term relationship.


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  • It's not unheard of, but it's absolutely not a popular choice. As most people seek mates.


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  • If that's what you want it's your prerogative.

  • I'm the same.. so no your fine :PP


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  • Relationships I suppose is a bit like... having something you've never tasted before.
    A bit like Surge.
    It looks like pee , smells like diabetes and TASTE LIKE HEAVEN.

    You don't know it till you try it.

    • Pee tastes like heaven?
      I did try it, I tend to feel bored out of it and just move on and try to find a new girl. What I meant was is it normal If I don't want to be in a proper relationship, because many peeps are looking for their future partner in life where as i don't.

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    • Dude 'I'm asking if it's normal if this is what I feel'.. You didn't even answer the question but rather make suggestion of stuff I'm already doin.. ah doesn't matter

    • There's no such thing as NORMAL.
      If you tried it and didn't like it , well it just didn't suit you now did it?
      Normal is just an arbitrary standard set by people so they can herd together for the fear of standing out.

      Just do you thing.