Girls which is more attractive, a guy who just isn't afraid of things, or a guy who is afraid but has the courage to do the things anyway?

As above, who do you find more attractive, a man who does things but seemingly has no fear of them or a man who does the same things despite the fact that he's scared?

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  • The courageous guy is more attractive
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  • The no fear one, because for example, what if someone broke into the house in the middle of the night? I'd be tooo scared to go downstairs, and it would be especially more scary if my guy was as scared as I was and I'd have to talk him into it!

    • Don't you see that if the guy faces his fears regularly when something like that happened he would be braced by self discipline to go and check it out, even if he was terrified. Being scared doesn't mean crying like a little girl, a guy can be scared shitless under a cool and calm exterior.

    • Lol well thats fine as long as he doesn't show me his fear! That would make me panic! Beyond scared lmao

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